Student Union Art Gallery

The oldest gallery on campus and entirely student-run.

Founded in 1957.

Hours and Location

We are currently located in Bartlett Hall Rm 310

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-5pm, Friday 11am-3pm

To learn about upcoming shows, please visit our Facebook Page.

The Student Union Art Gallery is a site of engagement, connection and discourse through the arts at UMass-Amherst. The Gallery is dedicated to involving all constituents of the greater UMass community in our programming, exhibitions and events as a student-run site of accessible creativity and expression. The Gallery is dedicated to actively supporting the communication of cultural multiplicity through diverse programming; provides a broad array of contemporary art and community discourse by exhibiting a wide variety of media, formats and content by artists in all stages of their careers; gives invaluable experiences to emerging artists to mount a public exhibition and/or collaborate on a project; provides undergraduate staff opportunities to acquire skills in working cooperatively, creatively, and in a self-organized fashion. The Student Union Art Gallery enthusiastically adheres to a policy of non-discrimination and diversity in all aspects of the organization. 

The Student Union Art Gallery is the oldest gallery on campus and entirely student-run. Founded in 1957, our organization strives to provide an opportunity for students, staff, faculty, alumni and visiting artists to present their work to the public in a professional and accessible manner. Working interactively with student organizations, student-run businesses, campus departments and professional artists, the SUAG provides an irreplaceable education and cultural service. The SUAG is independent of residential area governments and academic departments and is generously funded by the GSS, SGA and through grants from the UMass Arts Council. Individual exhibitions may also receive additional support from sponsoring organizations or individual project grants.
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